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Thumbs up for Summer

Well done to everyone who wore their Thumbsie® in all the hot weather we have been having.  It has been a lovely end to the School holidays, but possibly a bit warm for a lot of thumb suckers in some parts of the UK.

Hopefully, in the last couple of weeks, your thumb guard has been full of sand, covered in ice cream and possibly even been on an airplane or a boat.  If you and your family Thumbsie® have been having lots of fun, please don’t forget to share a photo of your child wearing their thumb guard for our Fun in the Sun competition where you could win a £50 voucher of their choice. You can see other Thumbsies® having fun in our gallery.



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The end of the summer holiday freedom for children does mean that there is a chance to re-establish a routine which is so helpful for parents who are trying to help their child to give up thumb sucking.  A set bedtime with a calming routine, perhaps including a bath, warm drink and a story sets a child up for bed without stress.  Reading our book, ‘Thumbs up for Ted’s Thumbsie’ or choosing which Thumbsie® to wear overnight prepares a child for a restful night – even if the sun is still streaming through the curtains as they go to sleep.

Having no routine on holiday can be immensely liberating, deciding which beach, which restaurant, which park to visit each day is a treat.  However sometimes, remembering to pack a clean Thumbsie® as well as your picnic blanket, deck chair or sun cream can be a bridge too far.  Consistency is the key with our thumb guards; we recommend that they are worn all day and all night for the most effective results. Finding out, once you are nicely settled on the beach, that your Thumbsie® is still in the caravan at the top of the cliff behind you, can lead to a cheeky, but sandy suck for a child trying to give up and a struggle up a vertical rock face for a frustrated parent.

Little girl wearing a thumb guard

This year’s winning photo

If you are using the new school term, or a return from your summer holidays, to start a positive new routine which doesn’t include thumb or finger sucking, then why not grab a Thumbsie® thumb sucking bundle.  Our pack of 3 or 6 Thumbsie® thumb or finger guards, reward chart and copy of our book, is the quickest and most effective way to get started on stopping.  If you have any favourite fabrics then do let us know – we even throw in a bag to keep your Thumbsie®s in one place at home. Don’t just take our word for it…..we’ve helped hundreds of children to stop sucking in a gentle and fun way.


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