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Thumbsie® wins Innovation of the Year

Thumbsie® has done it again – another award is sitting proudly in our trophy cabinet!  This time our award is for Innovation of the Year in the Dentist Industry Awards, the flagship celebration of the UK dental industry.  Thumbsie® works closely with the dental industry offering a gentle solution to a problem which can cause damage to teeth and jaws.  It is brilliant to be recognised by the industry for what we are doing to help to prevent dental problems with our supportive website, book and Thumb Sucking Clinics.

The Competition

There was very strong competition in the innovation category from 13 other companies which offer technology-based innovation to the Dental profession such as 3D scanners, a tooth fairy app, industry-leading digital imaging and software, marketing & SEO for the Dental Industry and dental management software.

In his introduction to the awards Dr David Houston, Chairman of the judging committee, said that the awards night recognises the very best companies, concepts and individuals in British dentistry

Who were the Judges

The judges included renowned professionals such as Edmund Proffitt, head of the BDIA, Ben Atkins, Dental Expert and David Smith, technician and former GDC (General Dentist Council) Member to name a few.

Jo Bates said, ‘I am delighted (and totally shocked) to have won this award. Thumbsie® offers a whole thumb sucking solution which works really effectively to stop children sucking digits and causing permanent damage to their mouths.  We will keep innovating to support dentists in their battle to stop sucking.  It is brilliant that the Dental Industry has chosen our simple thumb glove solution as their innovation of the year – thank you!’.

Dr Ben Atkins, dental expert and judge said “Congratulations to Thumbsie® on winning this award. Thumb sucking can cause a wide range of issues such as breathing problems and orthodontic issues as well as having a detrimental effect on oral health. It’s lovely to see a simple yet effective product win in the Innovation category and be such a great asset to the dental industry”

With two awards now safely under our belt, we are looking forward to continuing to innovate and improve our business so that we can help even more children to stop sucking.  Continuing to work with and for the Dental Industry is a big part of our plans. Brace yourselves!


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