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The results are in….and Thumbsie® won!

We are delighted that Thumbsie® has won silver at this year’s MadeForMums awards.

Our award, which came in the Innovation of the Year category, was announced this morning and we couldn’t be happier.

The best thing about these MadeForMums Awards is that all products are tested by children and parents themselves – meaning this is a big seal of approval from our customers and the community we serve.

A big “thumbs up” you could say.Made For Mums Awards

Winning a MadeForMums award is no small feat. More than 1,000 products are sent out to families and there are over 3,000 hours of judging, with product testing from babies, toddlers and their parents.

The Innovation of the Year award is judged on four attributes: effectiveness, ease of use, quality of product and value for money – making it a rigorous category.

The feedback we received from parents was truly humbling.

Sarah, a mother of four, praised Thumbsie®, saying that “my daughters have cut down the amount they suck their thumbs significantly and my oldest daughter has stopped altogether. I am confident that all of my children will have stopped in the next few weeks.” Sarah also applauded the Thumbsie® story book and reward chart which greatly helped her youngest daughter to reduce her thumb sucking.

Another tester, Jessica, who has three children, noted that Thumbsies® are “well made and stylish” and that she had “confidence” in the product.

Testers also praised the variety of different fabrics and designs produced by Thumbsie, meaning that no matter a child’s age or interests, there would be a Thumbsie® for them.

Speaking after the announcement, Jo Bates, Thumbsie’s® founder and owner, said:

We are truly delighted and honoured. Winning a MadeForMums award is really humbling because the testing is so rigorous and is done by babies, toddlers and their parents – our core audience.

“To win silver in the Innovation of the Year category is fantastic. We’d love to thank all those who tested Thumbsies® and to pass on our gratitude to the MadeForMums team for all the hard work they have done in this difficult year.

“At Thumbsie® we never rest on our laurels and will always continue to provide high quality and stylish products.”

Since our founding in 2013, Thumbsie®  have built a reputation as an award-winning, family focused business. Previous award wins include the 2020 Family Network National Awards, where we won Product of the Year, Best Business Women Awards in 2020 for Made in the UK and the Dental Industry Awards 2019, where we picked up the Innovation of the Year award.

MadeForMums is run by a small group of (mostly mum) journalists, who want to create a top-notch online home for mums, mums-to-be and anyone who is trying to start a family – dads, grandparents and carers too.


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