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Thumbsie® Finalists in Best Business Women Awards For the Fourth Year running!

We have made the finals of the Best Business Women Awards again! Having won the Best Consumer or Retail Business in 2019 we are really hoping that we can repeat our success. The Best Business Women Awards are specifically for female business owners who are making a real impact for their clients which we love to do at Thumbsie®.  The nominees have been chosen for their business acumen, determination, creativity and tenacity often juggling a family along with their own business, so we are thrilled to be chosen as once again.

In this difficult year the Thumbsie® team has been recognised in the ‘Best Business’ and ‘Made in the UK’ categories.  This was in part due to the incredible work that the Thumbsie® team did in response to the COVID 19 crisis, which saw Thumbsie® turn to making children’s face masks.

Jo Bates, owner and founder of Thumbsie® said, ‘We had so many customers ask us if we could make children’s face masks that we felt we had to do something to help. We had families tell us that their children were anxious about leaving the house without wearing a face mask, so we took up the challenge.  It has been a truly massive team effort and we are so proud of what we have achieved to help children during the pandemic.  So, we are really delighted to be recognised by the Best Women in Business Awards again.’

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The agility that Jo demonstrated to diversify her business almost overnight saw her double her workforce in order to cope with the demand for fun face masks for children.  The Thumbsie® team are all based in the UK and the thumb guards are made to order by hand by women who are juggling the demands of work and family, much in line with the Awards’ ethic.

Plans for the Gala final, usually held in October, have been changed to April 2021 and we look forward to attending alongside the other fabulous female finalists.


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