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Thumbsie® begins a new chapter with its own story book to help stop sucking

Thumbsie® is all about making children (and families) happy.  It’s a gentle, effective and fun method of giving up thumb sucking, which offers support, reward and success.  In fact, it has been so successful for so many families that we wanted to spread the Thumbsie® message as widely as possible – children can give up thumb sucking and can do it easily and happily.  So, we came up with the idea of writing a positive story book so that children can hear about it too.  It’s called ‘Thumbs Up for Ted’s Thumbsie’.

Thumbs up for teds thumbsie book
Thumbs Up to Ted’s Thumbsie Book
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Children love a story and can learn so much from them, so we decided to write about a child who desperately wants to give up thumb sucking.  So many of our customers are in this position and have quite often tried many ways to help their child give up and are beginning to despair.  We wanted to offer our customers a positive story about a child whose journey takes him from anxiety and dependency on thumb sucking, to joy and freedom from the habit.

‘Thumbs Up for Ted’s Thumbsie’ tells the story of Ted, a very likeable young boy who is about to start school and doesn’t want to be sucking his thumb when he gets there.  He is worried that having his thumb in his mouth will stop him from being able to join in all the fun at school, and that his teacher might not approve of thumb sucking.  The story sees him transform from a worried pre-schooler into a confident and thoughtful school pupil, all with the help of a Dinosaur Thumbsie® Thumb Guard.

Jo Bates owner and founder of Thumbsie® said, ‘Thumbsie® is a very positive and fun brand, so to write a special Thumbsie® book, which tells the happy story of a child who gives up sucking quickly and easily, seemed like the perfect addition to our child friendly offering.’

‘We hope that children will be both encouraged and entertained by this story and that parents will find it a useful and enjoyable tool in their efforts to support their child in giving up the habit.’

‘Thumbs Up for Ted’s Thumbsie’ is available to purchase copy here, order today.


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Thumbs Up For Ted's Thumbsie Book

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