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Spreading the Thumbsie® Magic

“I am totally shocked that after only 2 weeks my 7-year-old daughter has stopped sucking her thumb.” The words of delighted mum, Lowri whose daughter, Ellie’s thumb sucking habit was so strong, she thought she would never be able to break it.

Ellie sucked her thumb at every opportunity, even though her latest school concert, which her mum recalls, she didn’t actively take part in because she was sucking her thumb.  Lowri says, “our Dentist had been warning us at our check-ups that we must address Ellie’s thumb sucking, however, it wasn’t until the most recent check-up when he showed the extent of her over bite now her adult teeth are through, that I knew we had to do something as soon as possible.”

Ellie sucked her thumb at every opportunity possible, every time she wasn’t using her left hand, her thumb was in her mouth.  As Ellie is right-handed this meant that she was spending a lot of classroom time sucking her thumb.  Her mum also recalls that she had never really seen Ellie yawn, as her thumb was always in her mouth when she was tired.

Lowri continues, “I stumbled across the Thumbsie® on the internet whilst looking for something that would help me to help Ellie to stop sucking her thumb.  The Thumbsie® appealed as she could pick her own pattern and I like the fact we could get the right size for her.”

Ellie was very excited when her Pink Panda Thumbsie® arrived and couldn’t wait to wear it and show her friends in school.  She needed a bit of extra support for the first couple of nights, but after only 2 weeks of wearing it all day and night she had stopped sucking.

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Lowri concludes, “I can’t express how happy I am to have found Thumbsie® and would recommend it to any struggling parent for children of any age. Thank you for your amazing Thumbsie® and I hope that this helps to spread the magic to other families.”


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