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2022: Thumbsie sucking success stories

One of the reasons we love receiving positive reviews from happy parents is that we can share them with others. Quitting thumb sucking can be tough, which makes it so lovely to have so many wonderful thumb sucking success stories. Community is important, and what could be better than the success of one child inspiring another.

As we approach the New Year, we wanted to share some of our thumb sucking success stories from 2022.

No two children who suck their thumbs are the same, but there certainly are behaviour patterns we have seen time and time again. Whether your child has thumb sucked for many years or only does it at night; whether the motivation for stopping was because of dental concerns or because a child fell in love with a Thumbsie design, we’ve seen it all before. And that means, we are in the best position to help.

  1. Success after thumb sucking for many years

For many children, thumb sucking becomes a long-term habit. And it can be very difficult to break. That’s where Thumbsie® comes in.

Alice’s mum told us that her daughter had started thumb sucking at just one month old! She said, “we thought she might stop when she started school, but she didn’t.”

After a trip to the dentist, Alice’s mum knew that action was needed. “We were warned that she needed to stop sucking her thumb immediately if she didn’t want her teeth to be impacted.”

So, she turned to Thumbsie®.

We were pleased when we came across Thumbsie. It worked almost immediately and after about 10 days she didn’t need to wear it at all anymore. Amazing – thank you!”

One of the earliest starters of all was Lena, whose parents saw her thumb sucking during an ultrasound. Lena grew concerned about the habit as she grew older and asked her parents for help. What did her parents do? They turned to Thumbsie®, of course.

From the very first night she wore it (a Thumbsie), it was a huge success. She hasn’t sucked her thumb since and she is so pleased with herself. It feels too easy and simple! Thumbsie has worked it’s magic and we have a little girl with a huge smile again.”

Breaking the thumb sucking habit

We want children to have fun whilst trying to break the thumb sucking habit. Over time Thumbsie® can help a child break the thumb sucking habit. Buy Now
  1. Recommended by all

One of the main ways which parents hear about Thumbsie® is via dentists. And for good reason: we are accredited by the Oral Health Foundation and backed by dentists from all around the world. It is the ultimate seal of approval, when a trusted dentist tells parents they are concerned about their child’s tooth development and recommends Thumbsie®. Put simply, wearing a Thumbsie® works, and dentists know this.

We heard from Kimberley, who mentioned that her daughter, Eleanor, had been thumb sucking since she was four months old. It was a trip to the dentist which made the family realise how serious the problem was. Kimberley told us: “Our dentist recommended Thumbsie as her big teeth are now coming through so it’s important she stops. The Thumbsie has worked an absolute treat – she got to choose the fabric which she really loved.”

Of course, the wonderful thing about Thumbsies® is that it is not just dentists who recommend them, but other children and parents too. Luke’s mum told us:

A couple of months ago, Luke came back from nursery and told us one of his friends had something on to stop sucking his thumbs and that he wanted to get them so he could stop sucking his thumbs. We found out they were Thumbsies and got some straight away.”

This recommendation from a friend has been a big success too. Luke’s mum said, “he wore them non-stop for the first week and has made such great progress in such a short space of time and has dramatically reduced his thumb sucking.”

Recommended by Dentists worldwide

“I love the Thumbsie® – it works every time I recommend it! The Thumbsie® provides a fun way for a dentist or parent to help the child stop sucking because after all, it’s a hard habit to kick." Dr. Kotecha of Glen Dental Buy Now
  1. Speed

With the aid of a Thumbsie®, many children are able to break the sucking habit very quickly.

One delighted mum told us “Poppy has sucked her thumb since a few says old, however after just one day of wearing her Thumbsie, she stopped! We couldn’t be more proud!”

For another child, a six-year habit was broken in a few short weeks, inspiring their mother to call Thumbsie® a “magic invention.” Alice’s mum noted that her thumb sucking stopped in 10 days and Annie’s mum said “Annie has been sucking her thumb since she was three years old. We have tried over the years to stop her, but nothing worked. With Thumbsie we were able to crack it in a couple of weeks.”

  1. The perfect solution

Many parents feel they have tried every possible solution and are at their wit’s end when they hear about Thumbsie®. They are often amazed at how easily and quickly the thumb glove works.

One worried mum said, “my four-and-a-half-year-old daughter started sucking her thumb nonstop as a baby. My husband and I have tried every trick to make her stop but nothing worked, and it only got worse.”

But this mum did not give up. She said, “one day while I was trying to find any new different method that we haven’t thought of, I stumbled upon an article that recommended Thumbsie so I thought well let’s give this a try, and I must say whoever came up with Thumbsie is simply a genius.”

Another told us she had tried “the famous nail varnish and buying treats but nothing ever worked. I came across Thumbsie and thought I should give them ago thinking they would not work.” However, they did work. This mum said, “I am blown away. Excellent product and I already recommend to others.”

  1. Fun fabrics

Children love choosing their Thumbsie fabric – we have over 40 different designs – and the ability to personalise their thumb guard is a huge win for many kids.

Whether its football or flowers, cars or rabbits, we have the perfect design for your child.

Madeline said: “Great choice of patterns, my daughter enjoyed picking and I feel they have been key to her actually wearing them and so far so good. Definitely seems to be helping break the habit.”

Meanwhile, Kelly said: “my daughter chose her own Thumbsie and loves it. She wears it every single night without being reminded!” And, we heard from Heather, who told us that the owl design was the perfect choice for her daughter who only sucked at night.

Free success certificate

If like these children your child has successful stop thumb sucking claim your success certificate Claim Yours
  1. Rewards

Along with the choice of fabric, another important aspect of Thumbsie®’s success is our rewards system. Children love rewards; it helps them to focus and give them something to aim towards.

Our reward chart comes with a fun selection of stickers to encourage children to keep wearing their Thumbsie® – and, best of all, there’s a free certificate of success once the thumb sucking habit is beaten.

One mum said, “the reward chart makes this process a lot more fun“, and another said, “my daughter was very proud of her Thumbsies and the fact she would get a certificate if she successfully stopped.

Not to be outdone, Sophia’s mum told us that she had picked an even bigger reward: a trip to a chocolate factory!

We let Sophia choose her reward for stopping sucking her thumb – a trip to a chocolate factory. Three weeks later and not only has Sophia stopped sucking her thumb, but she also struggles to remember which thumb it was. We honestly didn’t think it would be this easy and now recommend Thumbsie to everyone!”

  1. Not just thumb suckers

It’s not just thumb suckers who find Thumbsies® to be an effective way of breaking a habit. Thumbsies® have worked to stop skin picking and hair twirling too.

Hair Twirling

Help your child to stop thumb sucking and hair twirling Read more

Andi told us: “Truly an excellent product. I bought the Thumbsie for my son, who has a bad habit of picking the skin on his thumbs! It worked like a dream and his habit was soon broken. Thank you Thumbsie.”

While Louise said: “Great product and within two weeks of wearing the thumb guard my daughter (age three) pretty much stopped sucking her thumb. Associated with thumb sucking was hair twiddling, that’s stopped too!”

  1. Sound good?

The evidence is clear. For many, many children, Thumbsies® are a fun and effective way of stopping thumb sucking. They often work very quickly and can be complemented by using a rewards chart and book.

If this sounds good to you, check out our wide range of Thumbsie® thumb guards. And don’t forget to leave a review. You never know, you might appear in our 2023 thumb sucking success stories!


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