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Skincare for thumb suckers: healing cracked or split thumbs

One of the most frustrating side-effects of thumb sucking is damaged skin. Here we offer our top tips on how to care for skin which may be cracked or split.

Many of the most common side-effects of thumb sucking, such as teeth alignment issues, are well known. But one potential complication of thumb sucking that is less often discussed is damaged skin. Children who have a long-term thumb sucking habit can develop uncomfortable, cracked skin around their thumb. Due to regular exposure to moisture from the mouth, skin can start to look calloused and become increasingly vulnerable to infection. There is also the danger of a child’s thumbnail becoming weaker and even starting to peel.

So, how can you best take care of your child’s damaged skin and prevent a sore thumb?

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A strong focus on hand hygiene is, of course, very important, and regular use of antibacterial soap will help to ward off infections. You can also try bright and colourful plasters or bandages. These should appeal to your child while keeping their skin safe. But don’t, under any circumstances, dip your child’s thumb in an unpleasant tasting substance. While well intentioned, this traditional method rarely works and can cause a lot of upset.

These solutions are only skin deep, however. Excuse the pun!

Of course, prevention is better than the cure. Ideally, as parents, we would discourage our child from starting to suck their thumbs. But in the real world, we know this is not always possible.

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The best – and only proven – way of limiting damaged skin caused by thumb sucking is to kick the habit once for all.

A Thumbsie® is a fabric thumb guard that is handmade and fits over the thumb like a glove for the prevention of thumb sucking in children and can help prevent a sore thumb!

Our Thumbsies® are designed to be worn over a child’s preferred thumb. Many children wear them over both. With over 40 different designs – from stars to football and from cats to cars – you can be assured that whatever your child’s hobbies or passions, there will be a Thumbsie® for them.

We have over eight years of experience in supplying customers with the solution they need to stop thumb sucking. Best of all, we offer free first-class delivery when you order two or more Thumbsies®.

Thumbsies® are designed to be cool, fashionable and comfortable to wear. Children who wear our thumb guards often tell us that their friends are jealous and want one too!

Thumbsies® come with a seal of approval from the Oral Health Foundation, and we are widely considered to be a market leader in the sector. Don’t believe us? Check out our list of awards. We were especially thrilled to win silver at the prestigious 2021 Made For Mums Awards.

Damaged, cracked and split skin can be embarrassing, and the risk of infection can be high. By wearing a Thumbsie®, a child can learn to stop thumb sucking: protecting their skin and having fun at the same time. We have recently launch our very own skin balm to help with those sore thumbs and fingers.


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Thumbsie® Skin Balm

Thumbsie Skin Balm
Thumbsie® Skin Balm For Sore Thumbs
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