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Scarlett stops sucking her thumb in weeks

‘Scarlett’s now free of thumb sucking; she managed to stop sucking her thumb in weeks!

I accidentally stumbled upon a Thumbsie® and I’m delighted we did! We bought three Thumbsies® in November 2019. After only a few weeks she managed to stop sucking her thumb in the day.  The next stage, after Christmas, was night time sleep. Scarlett’s now waiting for her Cinderella princess dress to reward her success from Mummy and Daddy for stopping all thumb sucking this week.’


Free success certificate

If like these children your child has successful stop thumb sucking claim your success certificate Claim Yours

Thumbsie® is all about reward and success, we offer a free Success Certificate to every child who has successfully broken the thumb sucking or finger sucking habit.  To encourage children to wear a Thumbsie® thumb guard, we have also created a thumb sucking reward chart, which can be bought with your thumb guard purchase. It is easy to use, and you can add in your own tasks, set your own goals and choose the rewards.

Thumbsie® is a gently and effective way for children to give up sucking their fingers or thumbs and we believe that rewards lead to success.  We don’t promote use nasty tasting liquid, encourage you to get cross with children who can’t stop sucking or punish children who are already stressed by trying to stop their lifelong habit.  We offer a fun solution that is kind, easy and quick where children can get involved in choosing their favourite fabric for their thumb guards, track their progress and maybe get a lovely big reward from family at the end…..which won’t be far away.

Read more from our happy families who are now enjoying success in giving up thumb sucking.



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