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All I want for Christmas is my two straight front teeth……

All I want for Christmas is my two straight front teeth……

With Black Friday over we are now plunging headlong toward Christmas, with parents rushing around to create the perfect day. It’s exhausting and very time pressured. However, there are still 4 weeks until Christmas and that is plenty of time for your child to stop sucking their thumb. If all you want for Christmas is to help your child to stop sucking his or her thumb, read on.

Thumbsie® have come up with a child centred solution to stop the habit of thumb sucking. A gentle regime helps children to stop sucking usually within three weeks of putting on their first Thumbsie®. A handmade fabric thumb guard fits over the thumb like a glove and stops the child putting his or her thumb in their mouth. Worn consistently for only a few weeks, it can be the answer to a problem that blights many families.

Recommended by Dentists worldwide

“I love the Thumbsie® – it works every time I recommend it! The Thumbsie® provides a fun way for a dentist or parent to help the child stop sucking because after all, it’s a hard habit to kick." Dr. Kotecha of Glen Dental Buy Now

As a parent of two children that developed a thumb sucking habit, I have been looking for a solution for many years. A lot of the comforting a child associates with thumb sucking is to do with texture and the Thumbsie® is a perfect solution to help any child break their habit. I have recommended Thumbsies® to a lot of my child patients and parents have said that they were very impressed by how quickly the habit disappeared.”

Dr Neil Harris, Dentist

Thumb or finger sucking can create orthodontic problems, like protruding or crooked upper teeth which need correction with braces in later life.

“Having a solution like the Thumbsie® is much better than letting a situation develop where a brace is needed.”

Dr Harris

Advent is the season of anticipation for Christians and provides an ideal timescale in which to work towards the goal of giving up thumb sucking, as the countdown to Christmas commences. Thumbsie® also offers a reward chart which helps children to track their progress in a colourful and visual way…. much like an advent calendar.

So as Christmas approaches watch out for our Christmas fabrics to help your child join in the Christmas build up in a special way. Each glove is handmade, and children love to choose their own fabric pattern giving them the autonomy over their path to stopping sucking.

Christmas is the season of giving, and maybe this year giving up. So, when Father Christmas drops down your chimney this December, perhaps your child will be ready to exchange his or her Thumbsie® for some extra special gifts, having given up the habit for life, not just for Christmas.


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