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Keep up to date with our latest news and read our top tips to stop thumb and finger sucking

British Made Awards 2023

Thumbsie® recognised by British Made Awards  

By Jo Bates, founder of Thumbsie® As some of you may know, I founded Thumbsie® 10 years ago, and it has been a thrilling journey. It all started at my daughter's school gates. I knew that thumb sucking had become a problem for her, and I came to realise that there was a market out there for a fun, cost-effective[...]
Jo, founder of Thumbsie with her award for innovation

Thumbsie® win innovation award

At Thumbsie® we pride ourselves on being innovative – and it seems others agree. It's just been announced that we've won a prize for innovation at a leading enterprise award. Go us! That's right, we are proud to announce that we won Most Innovative Children's Handmade Dental Health Product at the Southern Enterprise Awards. These awards receive over 68,000 total[...]
Awards of Excellence 2023

Thumbsie® a “shining example of excellence”

Thumbsie® has been described as a "shining example of excellence" and as a company that has "transformed lives" following a recent awards triumph. The South East Star Award of Excellence recognises outstanding achievement by businesses within the south east and is an excellent addition to our growing list of awards. The company behind the awards, E2 Media, were especially impressed[...]
Girl Sleeping While Sucking Her Thumb

The Impact of Thumb Sucking on Early Childhood Dental Health

As parents and teachers, we are always amazed by how quickly our children grow and learn. From the first time they smiled without teeth to the first time they took a few shaky steps, every milestone is a reason to celebrate. One of these early stages of growth is thumb sucking, which seems like a harmless habit that many children[...]

Jo wins leading Health & Wellbeing award

Huge congrats to our founder, Jo Bates, who has been recognised by a leading awards organisation for her vital contribution to health and wellbeing! In August, Jo, who founded Thumbsie® a decade ago, was named Health & Wellbeing Businesswoman of the Year by the 2023 Women in Business Awards. Jo was also a finalist in the Retail & Ecommerce category.[...]
Jo holding trophy for Small Business of the Year

Thumbsie® wins Small Business of the Year

It's not every day that you receive an email congratulating you on producing "the best entry since we began our awards", but that's exactly what happened to our founder Jo, earlier this year. The "best entry" refers to our submission for the UK Small Business Awards 2022 – and we're pleased to say, we won! The email, from Business Awards[...]
Maker & Creator Entrepreneur The Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023 Finalist

Jo shortlisted for leading entrepreneur award

All of us at Thumbsie® are thrilled to announce that Jo Bates, our founder, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards. These awards celebrate the dynamic role that entrepreneurs play in the UK, and they highlight a wide range of businesses from the length and breadth of the country. Jo has been shortlisted in the Maker and[...]
Little boy asleep wearing fabric thumb guards

How can I get my child to stop sucking their thumb?

Sarah, a baby sleep expert from Teach To Sleep, tells us how you can help your little one learn to sleep without sucking their thumb or fingers. Before tackling Sleep Because sucking thumbs and fingers relieves stress and helps with regulating your child's emotions, choose a time when your child is in a good place (there's no illness, separation anxiety,[...]

How to stop skin picking: tips and strategies for Dermatillomania

If you or a member of your family has a skin picking problem, this article will help you discover effective tips and strategies to break the habit. Stopping skin picking involves using a combination of strategies to address both the physical and psychological aspects of the habit. Introduction Simply put, skin picking is a disorder where an individual cannot stop[...]
Jo celebration 10 years of thumb sucking success

10 years of thumb sucking success

2013 was a turning point in my life – and in the lives of lots of parents of children who suck their thumbs. A decade ago, my daughter, Isabel, was struggling with a thumb sucking habit. I tried and tried to find a suitable product to help her stop. But simply nothing worked. That's when I decided to take the[...]
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