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Give up thumb sucking for New Year

Give up thumb sucking for New Year

2023 is around the corner – can you believe it! We're sure you will come up with a few resolutions or plans for the New Year. And perhaps the most important one for your child will be to give up thumb sucking for New Year. Of course, thumb sucking can be stopped at any point, with the right help, but[...]
Girl wearing her thumb sucking guard

2022: Thumbsie sucking success stories

One of the reasons we love receiving positive reviews from happy parents is that we can share them with others. Quitting thumb sucking can be tough, which makes it so lovely to have so many wonderful thumb sucking success stories. Community is important, and what could be better than the success of one child inspiring another. As we approach the New[...]
Toddler thumb sucking

How to stop toddler thumb sucking

We discuss how to stop toddler thumb sucking and strategies to help you and your toddler resolve this habit. Seeing a small child with a thumb in their mouth can seem like one of the most natural sights of all. And in many ways, it is. Often babies start thumb sucking in the womb and continue after birth. Sucking a[...]
Girls wearing Thumbsie thumb guards

Is there a significant sex difference in thumb sucking?

We explore if there is a significant sex difference in thumb sucking and if girls are more prone to a thumb sucking habit than boys. We all know that thumb sucking can be a habit which can be difficult to break. As a behavioural pattern if affects a large number of children – boys and girls. But is there any[...]
thumb and finger guard wearing girls

Does thumb sucking run in families?

We ask the question: what role does behavioural genetics play in thumb sucking? Every parent of a child who thumb sucks has tried to work out why they developed the habit. The psychology of thumb suckingcan be bewildering to many. Is it something I did as a parent? Many people even grow concerned that thumb sucking is genetic and may[...]
Thumb sucking vs dummies: breaking the habit

Thumb sucking vs dummies: breaking the habit

Sucking on either a thumb or a dummy is comforting and relaxing for a child. But evidence shows that both habits can be difficult to stop. For most children, these self-soothing actions will be a phase and will stop naturally. For a small number, however, they continue and can become a regular part of a child's life. So, which habit[...]
Father brushing his little daughter's hair

What does hair twirling mean?

Help break the habit. Like many parents, at Thumbsie® we have noticed that there is a tendency for children who thumb suck to also twirl their hair. This may seem like an innocent habit, but in some cases, it can grow into an obsession which is difficult to stop. So, what is hair twirling? Why does it happen? And why[...]
girl with her thumb sucking success certificate

Stop The Thumb Sucking Habit

At Thumbsie® we know that thumb sucking can be a difficult habit to break. But parents shouldn't get too frustrated when they want to stop the thumb sucking habit. There are many, many success stories of children stopping this behaviour. We wanted to share one fantastic thumb sucking success story with you. We recently heard from a very happy mum,[...]
Junior school children arriving at school

Still Thumb Sucking?

With the new school year just around the corner, Thumbsie® offer our advice on how to cope with the anxiety and stress caused by thumb sucking at school. September is nearly here. Hard to believe, but it is. Your child may be excited and ready to go, or they may be nervy and anxious. Going back to school or starting[...]
Close-up of dentist's hand examining teeth of boy patient in dental clinic using dental tools - probe and mirror. Dentistry

Children’s Oral Health Statistics UK

This blog reports statistics on children's oral health in the United Kingdom and how children's dental health might impact their general health. Many parents are concerned about their child's oral health, and for good reason. While children are often attracted to sweet, sugary food and drinks, research has proven that these treats can cause long-term damage to teeth. And it[...]
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