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Thumb Guards

Back to school thumb guard tips

Explore the effectiveness of back-to-school thumb guards in curbing thumb-sucking habits among children. Learn practical strategies to support your child’s oral development.

Thumb guards are essential tools to help children break the habit of thumb-sucking when going back to school. This quick guide explores the impact of thumb-sucking on oral development, introduces the effectiveness of thumb guards, and provides practical tips for parents to support their child’s journey towards healthier oral habits.


Thumb sucking – we’ve all seen it. And in many cases, our children may to do it themselves.

But as the Christmas holidays draw to a close and we dust off the school uniform, is there anything you can do to help your child break the habit?

The good news is, there are solutions. Just like you may be tempted to get a back-to-school backpack or a back-to-school notebook, you can also buy a back-to-school Thumbsie

Understanding thumb sucking and its impact

Children often suck their thumbs as a coping mechanism. In some cases, they will be anxious about something – a new home, a new sibling. Or, yes, a new school.

If your child stops thumb sucking by the age of 4 or 5, then there are unlikely to be long-term effects. However, if they continue then a number of problems can emerge, including misaligned teeth, a tendency to get infections and low self-esteem.

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Exploring back to school thumb guards

Thumb guards are designed to fit like a glove. They go over the thumb and are kept in place using Velcro. Best of all, we offer a measuring guide and five different sizes, to ensure the Thumbsie®  is as snug as possible.

We find that many children are a little nervous before first going to school wearing their Thumbsie®, but they very quickly get used to it. In fact, their friends often want to get a Thumbsie® for themselves, even if they don’t need one!

It can be important to tell your child’s teacher why they are wearing a Thumbsie®. This will help to ensure they keep wearing it during the day and the teacher can even become a useful encourager and supporter.

Practical tips for parents

Once your child has picked a fun design that chimes with their personality, and you’ve made sure it fits, the next stage is to encourage them to wear it.

One tip is to remember to practice positive reinforcement. Children love to be encouraged and praised. It is important not to show you are frustrated with them, but instead demonstrate that you are there to help them break the habit and you will do it together as a family.

To help with positive reinforcement, we have a handy reward chart which can be used to place stickers on and track your child’s progress.

Recommended by Dentists worldwide

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Promoting healthy oral development

Thumb guards help to break the thumb sucking habit, but they are also important for protecting teeth against the damage that thumb sucking can cause.

Long-term thumb sucking can lead to open bites and other dental problems, so by wearing a thumb guard your child will be preventing future dental issues.


Thumb sucking doesn’t have to become a nightmare. By tackling the issue early on, children can break the habit and prevent future oral health challenges.

Best of all, they can have fun while doing it. So, feel free to browse our designs and chose ones that work for your child. If your child’s school is on the stricter side, we offer a range of toned-down colours which should fit in nicely with the school uniform.

Ready to help your child kick the thumb-sucking habit? Discover the comfort and effectiveness of Thumbsie® back-to-school thumb guards. Click here to explore our range of colourful and child-friendly designs. Empower your little one to embrace healthier oral habits and bid farewell to thumb-sucking. Act now for a brighter, happier smile!


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