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Keep up to date with our latest news and read our top tips to stop thumb and finger sucking

child thumb sucking

All I want for Christmas is my two straight front teeth……

All I want for Christmas is my two straight front teeth…... With Black Friday over we are now plunging headlong toward Christmas, with parents rushing around to create the perfect day. It’s exhausting and very time pressured. However, there are still 4 weeks until Christmas and that is plenty of time for your child to stop sucking their thumb. If[...]
Aylesbury Business Award

Highly Commended in Business Awards

In November 2017 Aylesbury Vale Commerce welcomed local businesses to the inaugural Five Star Business Awards. There were 12 categories for entrants. The awards were in partnership with Aylesbury Vale District Council and sponsored by the local Radio station Mix 96.  "We were overwhelmed with the many quality entries. It's clear to all involved in the organisation of these awards, that[...]
Dentist recommends Thumbsie®

Pure Dentistry recommend Thumbsie®

Dr. Dan Shaffer from Pure Dentistry had been recommending Thumbsie® for some time so invited me into his clinic in Harpenden, Hertfordshire to meet the team. Pure Dentistry is passionate about Children’s dental health. They are very child-friendly and I was amazed to find that they even have a screen on the ceiling so the children can watch their favourite[...]
Best Business Women Awards

Best Business Women Awards 2017 Finalist

I was so very excited to hear that I had reached the finals of The Best Business Women Awards 2017. The awards are designed to recognise talented and dedicated female entrepreneurs who not only run successful businesses but in many cases also juggle the needs of their families. These awards help to recognise the achievement of these women across a[...]
Give up Thumb Sucking

Give up Thumb Sucking in time to Start School

A lot of children stop sucking their thumbs naturally between the ages of two and four just on their own, without any help.  However, one in eight children is still sucking a thumb of finger between the ages of seven and eleven.  With most children starting school at the age of four, the need to give up thumb sucking in[...]
Stop child thumb sucking

Two fun in the sun competitions – great prizes to be won

Now that the school summer holidays are upon us we have two fun competitions for your children to enter whilst they are trying to give up thumb or finger sucking. We want to show children that stopping digit sucking can be fun and a positive experience. so let's have some fun in the sun this holiday. Your child can enter[...]
Four children in a Saudi school curb thumb sucking habits

Thumbsie® helps pupils in Saudi Arabia curb thumb sucking habits

We are a very small primary school in Saudi Arabia. 4 children (out of 17!) have either used or are still using the Thumbsie® thumb guards to help curb their thumb sucking habits. Our children have encouraged each other and parents have shared top tips to ensure good progress is made quickly. We cannot reccommend the Thumbsie® enough and I hope the short[...]
Best Children’s Business Thumbs

Thumbsie® voted Best Children’s Business in Muddy Stilettos Awards 2017

Muddy Stilettos Awards celebrate the very best local businesses in Bucks & Oxon. Thumbsie® have been voted the Best Children’s Business in Muddy Stilettos Awards 2017. The first round of the 2017 Awards are over but thank you to everyone who voted for us, every vote would have counted. We are now all on the edge of our seats as[...]
why buy from Thumbsie®

Thumbsie® launch a bespoke service on fabric guards

We have a vast array of fabrics available online and in five different sizes however, this will never cater for everyone need as we are all different. We have launched our bespoke service to ensure that we can satisfy all children’s requests, as we know children can be strong willed,  and also help the adult suckers to stop thumb and[...]
Finger sucking problem

How to stop children from finger sucking

Finger sucking is such an emotive subject and one that I can guarantee you everyone has an opinion on whether they have a child who sucks their fingers or not, even if they are not a parent themselves they will have an opinion. I met a mum the other day that said I wouldn’t let my daughter suck her fingers, she[...]
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