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Thumb Sucking

Stopping Sucking – A New Year’s Resolution you can keep?

The start of a New Year, a new decade no less, is the perfect opportunity to make a change by stopping sucking.  But unlike our promised gym regime or diet, the resolution to stop sucking can last long beyond January 2020.

Habits are quite often unconscious and that is why they are hard to break and thumb sucking is a very natural reflex for children. Children often suck their thumbs or fingers to get to sleep, when they are feeling unsure, tired, bored or sad.  Sucking can become associated with particular times of the day, perhaps story time at school, or whilst watching TV.

Stopping thumb sucking

Stopping thumb sucking is a two-stage process; identifying when or why a child is sucking and then helping them to stop usually by introducing some sort of intervention, along with encouragement, reward schemes and where necessary involving your dentist.

Thumbsie® fabric thumb or finger guards are a fun and positive approach to thumb or finger sucking.  Children can choose their favourite fabric for their guard, read our heartwarming book and send us a picture of them wearing their Thumbsie® which might win them £25 in Amazon vouchers.  Thumbsie ® prides itself on being a solution which offers encouragement, support and reward, it’s not just buying a thumb guard.

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Don’t just take our word for it though; this testimonial is from a very happy parent and we have lots more on our website which offers help and advice on giving up sucking, along with great reviews form former suckers.  Stopping sucking  – you can do it and with a Thumbsie® you can do it quickly, effectively and happily.

Great product, really easy to use website and arrived quickly. Has worked a treat to stop thumb sucking. It was recommended by our dentist and I’d recommend to anyone – Sarah Payne, December 2019.

We are here for you every step of the way and we love to help customers personally, so let us know how we can help.  Finally check out our happy customer gallery and maybe you will be in it by February! Thousands of children have given up easily with Thumbsie® – YOU CAN DO IT TOO!


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Tips on how to stop thumb sucking

Here are our tips to help to stop the sucking as kindly, quickly and easily as possible

Stop thumb sucking

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