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Success Stories

Mama Mia! What a success story with Thumbsie®

We were so excited to hear about three-year-old Mia’s incredible success story that we just had to share it.  We really hope that it encourages even the most stubborn of suckers to give up, Mia has shown us how easy and painless it can be.

Thumb sucking is all about habits and the Thumbsie® is a gentle and effective way of breaking that habit quickly, easily and gently – and that is exactly what Mia has managed.

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Her mum takes up the story:

Mia had been sucking her thumb since she was 3 months. I had read so much about the Thumbsie® but honestly didn’t believe it would work. Mia mainly sucked her thumb when watching TV, in the car and when sleeping. I decided to start the new year encouraging her to stop.

After wearing the Thumbsie® for 3 days she completely stopped, she enjoyed getting the rewards and didn’t ask me to take it off once. It’s been over a week and she’s now completely stopped! She’s had two nights without the Thumbsie® and she hasn’t sucked her thumb! Thank you so much, what a fantastic product!

…and a huge thank you to Mia’s mum for sending us her truly inspirational story.  If you have managed to stop a sucker in your house then let us know and don’t forget we have a monthly prize for the best photo of your former sucker too! Use the hastag #lovemythumbsie

Success story with Thumbsie®

Mia proudly showing her certificate

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