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Success Stories

New Year has brought success to so many former thumb suckers!

We have been overwhelmed (in a delighted way) by your success stories already in 2020 and just wanted to shout about your brilliant former thumb suckers so that everyone knows.

We are so grateful to all those who have shared their success stories and we really hope that these brilliant children inspire yet more to stop sucking……as you all say, it works!

A huge well done to all of you former thumb suckers, and of course you will all be receiving your Success Certificates very soon.

Free success certificate

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Bronwyn (aged 6) – has cracked it!

Bronwyn really relied on sucking her thumb to settle herself to sleep each night. We worried that it would be near impossible for her to stop. The first night she used the Thumbsie® she was unsettled, but to our surprise after an hour or so she managed to fall asleep.

By the second week she was pretty much back to how she was before. She is still wearing the Thumbsie® to bed and may do for a while.  We are obviously much happier with that than the potential problem we might have faced with her teeth etc. if she was still sucking her thumb. We can’t believe that just by wearing material over her thumb (and the promise of a thumb fairy gift after 3 weeks) she’s cracked it.

Xanthe (aged 4) – cured by Santa’s Thumbsies®

Our cheeky Elf on the Shelf brought Xanthe’s Thumbsie®s Christmas Eve before he headed back to the North Pole. She’s worn them every night since and is now a non-thumb sucker! She will be totally cured before her 5th birthday (22nd Jan) which was the aim! Thank you so much.

Xanthe Dyson age 4 at Christmas #lovemythumbsie

Xanthe aged 4

Thea (aged 6) – thumb sucking was her favourite thing in the world!

Thea has sucked her thumb since she was born, it was her favourite thing in the world. As she got older our dentist made a comment about her teeth and the effect that sucking her thumb has had. We invested in a Thumbsie® (Thumbelina it’s known as here) and after a while Thea has stopped sucking her thumb altogether.

Breaking the thumb sucking habit

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Jenna (aged 11) – her teeth are almost perfect again

Jenna has sucked her thumb since she was 6 months old. Every night we tried to take her thumb out but never managed it. The dentist warned her she may need a brace and recommended we tried a Thumbsie®. Within 2 nights she had stopped sucking her thumb and within 2 weeks she didn’t need to wear the Thumbsie®. Her teeth have now moved back and are almost perfect. Cannot recommend this product enough.

Fayzaan (aged 4) – mum cannot recommend Thumbsie® enough!

My Son Fayzaan sucked his thumb from a young age. I tried to get him out of the habit by trying different techniques, but nothing worked. I gave up. The worst was sucking thumb at night he sucked all night. His teeth started to become affected. I ‘Googled’ once more and found the Thumbsie® website. I thought I should try it, as I had tried practically everything else. I cannot thank them enough. My child has stopped sucking his thumb, including at night. I will be recommending to others.

Carly (aged 7) – on the path to success!

Carly has sucked her thumb since birth. She often sucked her thumb when sad or upset, or when feeling tired. She always sucked her thumb when it was time to sleep. We had tried to help her to stop sucking her thumb on many occasions as recommended by our dentist, but with no success. Just nine days ago we decided to try again with the help of a t Thumbsie®. Although Carly loved her Thumbsie the first 48 hours were extremely hard, with lots of tears, however with lots of perseverance, praise and reward she has managed nine days and eight nights so far. Long may it continue. Thank you.

Stop Thumb Sucking #lovemythumbsie

Carly aged 7

Erin (aged 8) – thumb sucking was preventing her new teeth from growing

Erin started sucking her thumb, aged five, at school after copying a friend. It was preventing her new front teeth from growing down.  We purchased a Thumbsie® after talking to a stranger at the doctor’s surgery. Six weeks in and she has cracked it…she mostly sucked at night and when she was on her tablet. She now doesn’t even need to use it when she is on her tablet! Fantastic!

Noah (aged 5) – stopped sucking his fingers within a few days

Noah started sucking his two middle fingers at 8 weeks old. Over the past year we have tried everything to get him to stop and nothing worked long term. My friend told me about the success her child had had with a Thumbsie® so I ordered in time for the Christmas holiday. Within a few days Noah had stopped sucking his fingers both day and night. On his return to school this morning he beamed with pride telling his teacher of his success.

Olivia (aged 7) – It 100% worked!

Olivia’s teeth were becoming seriously affected by her sucking her finger, we were advised if we didn’t act now she would have to undergo operations and many specialised dental treatments due to a gap in her teeth! My dentist recommended you guys, so I went online and let Olivia choose a fabric (due to her persistent refusing to not stop sucking her finger!).  When it arrived, she was so pleased and proud to wear it! It 100% worked!! (I have to admit I was dubious that anything would work!) It’s amazing and worth every penny! She doesn’t do it any longer, my only annoyance is that I didn’t try it sooner!

Toby (aged 4) – ‘It has made life so much easier…’

Toby has a wobbly top tooth. We talked about stopping sucking his thumb after Christmas in time for his new big teeth. But he just decided upon himself that last Tuesday would be the night! I used plasters for the first few days until I discovered Thumbsie® and ordered one asap! It came within two days! It has made life so much easier and it has footballs on so is a winner!! He has worn it day and night since last Saturday (even visited Santa while wearing it!) and I am incredibly proud of him! The top tooth is now out, and so is the thumb!! I just know he will crack this! Thank you!


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