Fun thumb & finger guards to help stop thumb sucking


Check out our Thumb Sucking Success Certificate

Once your child has successfully broken the thumb sucking habit, tell us the name of the child who gave up and how long it took, along with your postal address. We will send your child’s free personalised thumb sucking reward certificate within a couple of days. If we do not have the name of the child, then we will leave the certificate blank for you to fill in.

Please note however that some children do take longer to break the habit than others and there are no guarantees of success using our thumb and finger guards.

Gallery Page

Go to our gallery for photos of children who have successfully given up the habit with a Thumbsie® thumb or finger guard. It’s great to reward and celebrate success for children who stop thumb and finger sucking. Feel free to have a read through our owner Jo Bates’s personal thoughts on how to stop thumb sucking for more information.

Shop for thumb and finger guards

Visit our fabric thumb guard shop and finger guard shop to choose your child’s fun fabrics.

Tell us your story

We love to reward success, which is why we offer children and toddlers a free personalised success certificate once they have stopped their thumb sucking habit. Please email your success story and photos to publish on the website.