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Thumbsie® Launches First Thumb Sucking Dental Clinic in Harpenden

We are very excited to announce that we have launched our first Thumb Sucking Clinic in July in a joint venture with Pure Dentistry, Harpenden to help children who are finding it hard to stop thumb and finger sucking which can lead to serious dental problems.

“Prolonged and vigorous thumb sucking can create problems with the palate and the formation of the teeth, but some children find it very hard to stop the habit. We wanted to do something positive within our patient community and beyond to support those families who are finding giving up thumb sucking stressful and difficult.  It’s a brilliant opportunity for people to get together and share experiences and to talk about thumb sucking solutions.  We are delighted to team up with Thumbsie® which has been really successful for our patients. It’s such a positive way to help and it’s our “go to” solution.”

Dr Dan Shaffer, Pure Dentistry

Children at the Clinic

Children at the Clinic

“We have helped thousands of children over the last 5 years to stop thumb and finger sucking, providing the whole family with support through our online community, during what can be a stressful time. It will be fantastic to be able to meet families in the community and offer them the same fun and effective solution which has worked so well for so many other children.”

Jo Bates, Thumbsie® founder and owner

The free Dental Thumb Sucking Clinic aims to help parents of persistent thumb or finger suckers and introduce them to the gentle, effective way to stop thumb or finger sucking.

It will offer:

  • Help and advice on how to help your child to stop sucking
  • Pinpointing exactly when and why your child sucks to help with stopping
  • A positive way to support your child to give up sucking with reward and encouragement
  • Information from dentists about the dental issues caused by persistent digit sucking
  • A fun environment, colouring competitions, fun quiz with a goody bag and balloon for all.

The free clinic will run on Saturday 7th July from 10 am – 1 pm at Pure Dentistry, 399 Luton Road, Harpenden, AL5 3NF.  There will be an hourly thumb sucking talks beginning at 10.15am.  Families who have a child trying to give up thumb or finger sucking are warmly welcomed to drop in and have a chat.

Or visit our Thumb Sucking Clinic Facebook Page.


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Problems with Thumb Sucking

You may be concerned if it is harmful, at what age should they stop or what could be the long-term effects if they don’t stop.

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