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Thumbsie® transformed her smile

Daisy was born sucking her fingers and when her adult teeth came through at the age of 7, she was faced with dental intervention to correct an open bite.

An open bite is formed when the front teeth don’t meet because of prolonged or vigorous thumb or finger sucking which creates a gap between the top and bottom teeth.

Daisy’s mum says, “She couldn’t pull her top teeth near her bottom ones.”

Correcting an open bite normally involves braces to pull the teeth back together.  In adults the treatment can involve realigning the jaw using surgery.

However, Daisy’s mum discovered Thumbsie® and Daisy managed to stop finger sucking all together after only a few short weeks of wearing her finger guards.  That was last summer and miraculously after a year of not sucking her fingers, Daisy’s teeth have moved back into line and she can bite her teeth together.  Her teeth have corrected themselves without any painful dental intervention and transformed her smile.

Daisy’s mum said, “Thank you so so much. We thought we’d missed our window and were very tempted to just give in, but the Thumbsie made it effortless.  I’d love to inspire parents to give Thumbsie® a go, and to realise it’s never too late.”

Thumbsie® transformed her smile

“We are so proud and never thought it would happen; we can’t believe the difference in her smile..”

Breaking the thumb sucking habit

We want children to have fun whilst trying to break the thumb sucking habit. Over time Thumbsie® can help a child break the thumb sucking habit. Buy Now


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  1. Julie Hiscocks says:

    I was getting really worried as my dentist told my 10yr old daughter that she will need a brace because of her thumb sucking but they wouldn’t do it if she continued to suck her thumb. Luckily I saw the thumbsie advertised & it’s working. She’s previously worn gloves to bed which are off in the morning but the thumbsie is still on. I’m so happy that we’re cracking it. Thank you

    1. jo bates says:

      So lovely to hear that the Thumbsie is helping, hope it continues to go well Julie.

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