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8 years of thumb sucking success

Join us as we go on a trip down memory lane and celebrate eight years of helping children stop thumb sucking and thumb sucking success.

All of us at Thumbsie® are delighted to celebrate our eighth birthday!

It’s been a long journey, but we are so proud to look back on all we have achieved. And we know there’s lots more success to come.

Thumbsie® was launched in 2013 by Jo Bates, a busy working Mum who was struggling to find an effective product to stop her daughter, Isabel’s, thumb sucking. From the school gates of her daughter’s primary school to the multi award-winning business  of today, Jo has built Thumbsie® into a thriving and well-respected business. At the very heart of our business is one goal: to provide successful ways to stop thumb sucking. Through a mixture of thumb and finger guards, stickers and reward charts, we have built a community of parents and children – and we couldn’t have done it without you.thumb sucking success

Thumbsie® has won a number of prestigious awards in recent years, including Innovation of the Year at the British Dental Awards, Best Consumer Product at the Best Business Women Awards and Best Product at the Family Network Awards.

Last year, we were proud to become an approved product by the Oral Health Foundation. And it’s not just thumb guards. In 2019, Thumbsie launched a book to help families of younger children, and in April 2020 we branched out into face masks.

Jo Bates said:

“I am so thrilled to celebrate Thumbsie’s eighth birthday. What a journey!

“I started off selling products at my daughter’s school gates in 2013, then plucked up the courage to build a website. From there, we have continued to grow until the present day where we make over 12,000 finger and thumb guards each year and have sold to 45 countries.

“There have been many ups and downs, but the highlight for me has always been hearing from happy parents and children. If our customers are happy, then so am I.

“Above all, I am a working Mum and have been through the same experiences with thumb sucking as my customers. I love engaging with parents via email and calls and I know that customer peace of mind is so important.

“All our products are made in the UK by mums and grandmas. We are a business that puts family first – always.”

At Thumbsie®, we love hearing feedback about how our thumb and finger guards have helped children kick the thumb sucking habit. Feel free to share your stories with us!

These eight years have really flown by. We have a business that we are passionate about. We love to help children stop thumb sucking – and long may it continue!


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Thumbsie® is approved by the Oral Health Foundation (OHF) Read More

National Awards

We are proud to have won Innovation of the Year at the Dental Industry Awards 2019, Best Consumer Business in the Best Business Women Awards 2019 and Best Product at Family Network National Awards 2020. Read More

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