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Thumbsie®’s ideas for having fun whilst in isolation

We are all living in unprecedented times, in a situation we never thought imaginable.  COVID-19 has brought us to a place that is challenging us all in so many ways, not least those of us with young children to entertain whilst in isolation.

I feel lucky in so many ways, that I have my family with me, we have enough room that we can have some individual space and we have a garden for fresh air and exercise; I know that is not the case for everyone.

We have been trying to find fun things to do this week, (which has included my youngest daughter’s birthday!).  We are trying not to let COVID-19 stop us from having fun and I wanted to share some of our ideas of fun things to do whilst in isolation.

Lots of children are enjoying more screen time than usual, so here are our ideas to be creative or go outside away from the tablet or TV. Lots of children tend to suck their thumbs when they are watching TV:

Thumbsie®’s ideas for having fun whilst in isolation:

  • Chalking Hopscotch lines on the patio or driveway
  • Cats cradle from wool or string
  • 1000-piece jigsaw
  • Colouring, printing out templates (there are lots of free examples online)
  • Crosswords and word search

Worried about spreading germs?

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  • Write a letter to a pen pal, friends or family, especially nice since we can’t visit!
  • Board games, try to pick one that won’t cause a family argument!
  • Plant some seeds,we’re having a sunflower growing competition
  • Talk about foodbanks together and see if you could help your local one
  • Teach children about the plants and birds in your garden
  • Twister – try it outside if you can
  • Painting a picture, take the easel outside (less mess to deal with inside!)
  • Make musical instruments using house hold items
  • Baking – our favourites are a pie, cupcakes and simple biscuits which we can then decorate, scones and pretzels.
  • Once a week have a themed day – travel the world – make costumes, research the countries tradition, music and food.
  • Make slime
  • Go through wardrobes together and mindfully give used clothes to charity (or at least pop them in a bag until you can drop them off)
  • Build an obstacle course for toy cars
  • Put up your tent and cook outside
  • Blow bubbles – using washing up liquid
  • Shadow drawing – Line up some toy dinosaurs and let the sun create a shadow and draw round it (see picture below) what other animals can you find
  • Have a spa day – do face masks, manicures / pedicures, soak feet in a foot bath, take a bath, put cucumbers on your face, give massages to each other, makeovers, etc.
  • Pretend you have your own zoo and put animal figures or Duplo figures arranged to make a zoo. Or have kids join in and pretend they are animals with these free printable animal masks.
  • Anyone musical in your family? Change the lyrics to a song and perform it. Love this family from Kent and their own rendition of Les Miserables
  • Look through old family photobooks, scrapbooks, and pictures and tell your kids stories about your family history
  • Have a family reading competition!

Breaking the thumb sucking habit

We want children to have fun whilst trying to break the thumb sucking habit. Over time Thumbsie® can help a child break the thumb sucking habit. Buy Now
  • Applaud the NHS together, if it’s not past bedtime! Don’t forget 8pm every Thursday
  • Paint or draw a rainbow and put it in your window to thank key workers
  • Get your wet weather gear on and wash the car together
  • Older children may want to write a diary of this time
  • Make your own pizza night – make a yeast crust and let people pick their own toppings
  • Have an EPIC game of hide and seek with your family throughout your house
  • Create beautiful origami creations
  • Memory Tray game – (this takes me back a few years!!) place household items on a tray and then cover it with a tea towel and see how many you can remember in 1 minute
  • “In my shopping bag I put” game – take it in turns to add something to the “shopping bag” and list all the previous items
  • Chinese Whispers
  • Play charades as a family
  • Teach children to sew or knit
  • Host your own family outdoor olympics!
  • Get fit – PE with Joe Wicks
  • Drawing with Rob Biddulph, children’s illustrator on YouTube (thanks Natalie Stubbs)

We would love to know what you have been up to, share your ideas for having fun whilst in isolation with us, tell us in the comments box.


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Having fun during isolation

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