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How to have a great children’s birthday during lockdown

Normally the Spring party season is a fun time when children can start to play out of doors and you are left with fewer jelly stains to remove from the carpet inside.

However, this year with children’s birthday celebrations being held in lockdown, there may not even be an option for some children to go outside, and they definitely won’t be seeing their friends (even the jelly spillers).  So, here are a few tips on what to do if you are celebrating a birthday in lockdown and still want to have a great day (we’ve done it, three times now that we have had #lockdown2)?

Plan ahead

At the moment parcel delivery times are a bit less predictable than usual, even though all those fantastic key workers are working their socks off to keep our parcels coming.  Try to buy local if you can to help small businesses. Make sure you order children’s birthday items in plenty of time (my daughter’s 12th birthday banners arrived a day late!).



Ask your child to research some ideas for presents that can be ordered online.  You can then create a wish list spreadsheet with links can be circulated to family and friends so they know what your child might like for their birthday.  This way your child might receive some of the things they want even in birthday lockdown.  Just remember to co-ordinate family purchases so that the same thing doesn’t arrive on your doorstep six times.

Moonpig and Funky Pigeon are good for children’s birthday cards and can be sent straight to the recipient if needs be. Other sites like Etsy can provide unique creative cards and presents.

Of course, it’s always the thought that counts, so gifts and cards homemade with love with always be precious when children look back at a birthday in lockdown.

Worried about spreading germs?

A child putting fingers or thumbs in their mouth has always been a hygiene worry. Now more than ever, we need to try to prevent illness and infection. Buy Now

Choose a theme

You might want to choose a simple theme and decorate a cake or cupcakes with that in mind (assuming you can get the ingredients).  Simple cupcakes don’t require many ingredients, but we know flour is tricky to get in some places.

You might like to involve other children in decorating the house with the theme in mind, dressing up or making birthday banners; they will love having something creative to do.  An old roll of wallpaper and some poster paint will do the job perfectly well!

Have a Virtual birthday party

If your child is old enough to use a phone and Apps, they might like to arrange to blow their candles out online with friends who can sing Happy Birthday to them too.  Younger children can celebrate with grandparents and the wider family with parents in charge of the technology.

Birthday messages

Remind friends and family to message your child directly, or via your social media/phone if can. My daughter had over 50 messages in various forms which kept coming throughout the day, she was overwhelmed.

Keep surprises coming

You can make the day full of surprise, by hiding small gifts, messages, or sweets around the house all day long.

The virtual meet up with friends or family could also be a surprise.

Find their favourite movie and make their favourite tea….but keep it a secret!



Put together a photobook of your child’s life with comments and favourite photos from friends, and family.  This can all be done online by suppliers like Snapfish or Photobox.

Or simply look through old photos together – this can be great fun as you relive experiences together.

Make time to be with them – the most precious gift of all

If you can down tools for the day and play with your child that is precious time (even if they are driving you mad trying to home school them).

Play in the garden or outside, if you can.

Have a party picnic in your garden or on the lounge rug

Play games as a family, find old board games or just get out your deck of cards.

My daughter Izzy said that her birthday in lockdown was the best birthday she had ever had as we had been so thoughtful and she realised how much effort had gone into her day, she loved the surprises that we had planned throughout the day….and of course just having time with her family.

However things turn out (and it might not be the best birthday ever) we are living in a time where some people may not see their next birthday, so let’s treasure what we have.

Happy Birthday from Thumbsie®


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