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Small Business – Big Award

Thumbsie® is onto a winner again.  For the third year running, Thumbsie® has been selected as a finalist in the Best Business Women Awards.  This year the company, which helps children to stop sucking their fingers or thumbs, has been put forward for the Best Business and Best Retail/Consumer product in the UK.

Founded in 2015 by multi-award winning entrepreneur Debbie Gilbert, the Best Business Women Awards are now considered to be one of the UK’s most prestigious awards for business women.

Jo Bates, Owner and Founder of Thumbsie® is thrilled to be in the finals again; ‘It is very exciting to be selected as a finalist in these prestigious awards once again. It’s great that the judges have recognised a business and a product which is all about helping families to deal with a difficult issue which can create stress, particularly for young children.’


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The best product category asks entrants to detail the special touches and customer service that they provide, for which Thumbsie® has consistently scored very highly in customer feedback.  The best business award will go to a business which can confidently showcase outstanding achievement and success.  With Thumbsie® demonstrating over 250% growth over the past 3 years, and 4.9 out of 5 stars in customer ratings, it is a very strong competitor in 2019.

In a recent Instagram post and Debbie Gilbert said “These business women are the cream of the crop. Ingenuity, innovation and tenacity plus great business acumen got them on this list! Well done you are all true female entrepreneurs!”

The results will be announced at the Awards Ceremony, at the Tower Hotel, London, on Friday October 11th.  Let’s hope that this year the small business which has helped so many people can come home with at least one big award.


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