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Success Stories

Harry stops the thumb sucking habit

Dear Jo

Well, we never thought we would be writing you this email, but we are so pleased to be doing so.  Our son Harry had been a thumb-sucker for as long as we can remember.  We had tried all the usual techniques to try and get him to stop: bribery (worked temporarily but thumb-sucking started again once we had given him whatever incentive we had agreed on); foul-tasting nail polish (he developed a taste for it!) and even other thumb-guards (chewed!).  Our dentist kept telling us not to worry, but he was developing an over-bite on his front teeth, even he seemed worried (and tried to scare him off with a long and convoluted tale about how painful it was to have braces fitted!).

One night, Harry admitted to us that he wanted to stop but didn’t know how, so we had another look on line for suggestions and came across your site.  Harry liked the various designs and also seemed quite interested in the fact that he could get the success certificate if he stopped.  He chose his favourite designs and we ordered our first 2 Thumbsies on  27th February.  Harry took to wearing it straightway, even wearing it to school with pride. We were a bit concerned that he would just remove the Thumbsie and start sucking his thumb again, but the fact that he could take it off if he had to, seemed to help him by giving him the choice to stop or continue.

Since the beginning of March, he has never looked back – we said we would give it until after Easter to be sure he had stopped, and he has.  He wore his Thumbsies for about a month, and has not worn them for almost  a month now; there has been no returning to his old thumb-sucking ways.  We have just been on holiday, so we have been with him all day, and have seen him both tired and hungry.  In the past, this would have led straight to his thumb going in his mouth, but not this time!

We are so pleased with the way that the Thumbsie has worked for Harry – we will be seeing the dentist again soon and will be sure to let him know how Harry has stopped.

kind regards and thanks again

Fred and Heather


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Success Stories

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