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Success Story

A sprinkle of Unicorn magic to help stop sucking

Natalie, a five-year-old former thumb sucker chose her beloved Unicorns to help her stop thumb sucking, which she did in just 2 weeks! In legend, it is said that a Unicorn horn contains special powers, but because the beautiful beasts don’t tend to be that easy to find, Thumbsie® has taken some of their magic and put it into a soft cloth thumb guard which will help your child to stop sucking.

In fact, it was the magic of Natalie’s willpower and determination that enabled her to give up sucking her thumb so quickly…plus her highly effective Thumbsie®. At a visit to the Dentist’s last November, her Dentist advised Natalie

“You need to stop sucking your thumb before you cause long-term damage to your teeth!” Quite a challenge to a child who has just turned 5 and had been sucking her thumb since she was a baby.

Dental studies have shown that thumb sucking can have a detrimental affect on permanent teeth which can grow in protruding and can lead to the need for braces later on. As adult teeth begin to appear at the age of 6, Natalie had some work to do to prevent permanent damage such as teeth that stick out, or a misaligned jaw.

Natalie’s mum Suzanne, continues “I turned to ‘Google’ who introduced me to the wonderful world of Thumbsie. I showed Natalie who instantly took to the idea, so I let her choose the fabric she liked, we measured her up and awaited the Postie”.

Thumbsie®has a huge range of child-friendly fabrics which are all colourfully displayed on the website for you and your child to choose from. Allowing children to choose the fabric they like gives them ownership in what feels like a scary process and also lets them wear a fabric that they like and are happy to show their friends. Unicorns in all colours are a particular favourite as are Owls and Butterflies and Dinosaurs and Camouflage are a favourite for the boys.

unicorn magic thumb guard to stop thumb sucking

Unicorn Magic Thumbsie® Thumb Guard

Suzanne concludes “Natalie has been an absolute Superstar, her willpower and strength of character amazes me every day. BUT I know that we couldn’t have done it without our gorgeous Unicorn Thumbsie. Natalie can’t wait to tell her Dentist the good news and show her the success certificate.Thank you so much to the whole Thumbsie Team.”

Unicorn Thumb Sucking Bundle

Unicorn Thumb Sucking Bundle
Unicorn Thumb Sucking Bundle
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