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Thumb sucking remedy for Eva

“Hi Jo,

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you! Eva has stopped sucking her thumb… Completely! She wore the Thumbsie® thumb guards day and night for 5 weeks. Eva was the most avid of thumb suckers, she found her thumb at 3 months old, as a toddler and then her thumb was permanently in her mouth day and night! (as you can see from the pictures).

When the Thumbsie® thumb guards arrived, she was excited to wear them, although the novelty soon wore off in a few hours, she didn’t want to stop sucking her thumb, it was a recommendation from the Dentist due to the damage that thumb sucking can cause teeth. We encouraged her and set a reward if she tried her best. The first few days were difficult, Eva had never sat and relaxed without her thumb in her mouth. She looked so uncomfortable as she didn’t know what to do with herself! But as the days went on she adapted so quickly and with minimal fuss. After day 4 she was wearing her thumbsies through the night too. Each day that went on was easier and she was gaining confidence in herself as a non thumb sucker. She even did her first day at big school with them on!

Now we are at the stage that she doesn’t need her Thumbsie® thumb guards during the day but likes to take them in her school bag as a comfort and she wears them at night although I think she’s ready to stop that too.

Eva wasn’t fussy which thumb she sucked so we bought 4 Thumbsie® thumb guards and although at first it seems like a big expense they are well worth their money and are beautifully made. They wash very well and have lasted being worn outside in the mud and during arts and crafts etc.

It’s a funny feeling having a non thumb sucker, I’m extremely proud of Eva but also a little sad that she has grown up that little bit more.

Thank you so much again, I have recommend you to lots of friends and will carry on doing so.”

Cate x

So if you are looking for a thumb sucking remedy for your children Thumbsie® can help.


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