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Josie stopped sucking both thumbs!

Josie’s mum Rachel dropped me a line to explain how her daughter had given up sucking both her thumbs in just 6 weeks and how delighted she was that she had found Thumbsie® on the internet when looking for a solution.

In Josie’s situation, being a thumb sucking day and night we would recommend 3 Thumbsies® for both thumbs. We have some great fabrics to chose from so your child should find something they are happy with.

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Josie found her thumbs not long after she was born, so has been sucking them for over five years now. Whist it was lovely that she was able to soothe herself to sleep as a baby/toddler, we were keen for her to stop the habit before she started having issues with her teeth. Our eldest daughter had been able to just stop sucking her thumb on the advice of our dentist, however Josie found it a lot harder.

So I took to the internet for a solution and discovered Thumbsies. I decided to just plant the seed, so told Josie about Thumbsies, let her have a look at the website and then left it for a couple of weeks. I then asked her if she would like to have a look at all the different designs available and which two she liked the best. She then asked me if we could get them and was very excited when her parcel arrived. She was very happy to wear them every night and on long car journeys when she might doze off. Josie has managed to quit both thumbs within 6 weeks which is brilliant!

We are really proud of her and she’s pretty pleased about it too and was very chuffed to receive her certificate. She still chooses to wear her Thumbsies at bedtime, even though she no longer needs them as, “They feel like they’re giving my thumbs a cuddle.”

Thank you again Jo and kind regards,Rachel


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