Fun thumb & finger guards to help stop thumb sucking

Reuben Stops Thumb Sucking

“Reuben  has now managed to stop sucking his thumb thanks to Thumbsie. We have both the cars and shark designs and can’t recommend them enough, they’re comfortable and wash very well. I even mentioned them to the dentist on a follow-up visit so she could suggest them to other parents! Thanks again. ” Marrisa

So Reuben Stops Thumb Sucking! Why not try Thumbsie® to help your child to stop thumb sucking. There are many different materials to choose from for boys and girls. Don’t forget to measure your child’s thumb to get the best fit and we recommend more than two Thumbsies® so when one is the wash you always have a clean one, wearing Thumbsies® all the time will help your child break the habit.

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