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Success Stories

Oliver Gives up Thumb Sucking!

“Hi Jo

In September we bought 3 Thumbsie® thumb guards in an attempt to stop my 5 yr old sons thumb sucking habit. He loved the designs, Union Jack Thumbsie® and  Football Thumbsie®, which he chose himself. We put the Thumbsie® on straight away (23 Sept) day and night and thanks to the trendy designs he was happy to wear them for school as well. We used the reward chart for not sucking his thumb at school, while watching TV and in bed at night. We got off to a flying start and the only slip ups were when he forgot to put his thumbsie on after going to the toilet.

After 3 and a half weeks of wearing the Thumbsie® thumb guards, we felt ready for him to go it alone! It is now November and he has not once even attempted to suck his thumb, he has completely stopped even at night.

Thank you so much your thumbsies are amazing. We have been spreading the word! We had tried plasters, the nasty tasting stuff to stop nail biting, finger puppets, telling what might happen to his teeth etc to no avail. We are so so proud of him for this major achievement.”

Many thanks, Louise

Fabric Thumb Guards

Thumbsie®  thumb guards are comfortable to wear and can prevent the need for painful intervention Buy Now

So Oliver gives up thumb sucking so why not try Thumbsie®  thumb guards to help your child to stop thumb sucking. There are many different materials to choose from for boys and girls. Don’t forget to measure your child’s thumb to get the best fit and we recommend more than two Thumbsie® thumb guards, so when one is the wash you always have a clean one, wearing Thumbsie® thumb guards all the time will help your child break the habit. Once your child has stopped, you can give them a Stop Thumb Sucking Reward  with a personalised success certificate to congratulate them.


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Night- time thumb sucker?

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