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Success Story

Ella stopped sucking her thumb in just one month!

Ella is will be turning 5 in August, and has been a thumb sucker for as long as I can remember when tired or when going to bed to get herself off to sleep!

She happily chose the Panda design thumb guard and was excited when the parcel arrived.  That night we put the Thumbsie on with anticipation, and to my amazement the thumb never went near her mouth all night!

I was slightly doubtful that that first night may have been a fluke, but no every single night since it has been the same 🙂 she is so pleased with herself and so are we as we was worried about her teeth and jaw alignment!

She has her own calendar that she proudly marked off each day, and was promised that when she got to the 1 month mark the Thumbsie would be given to cuddly rabbit, and she can choose a new toy from the shop!

I cannot believe how easy this has been, and am so happy I was recommended the Thumbsie® thumb guard! I have now recommended it to the mums at school!

Thanks Again! Sophie and Ella

Not all children stop thumb sucking in just one month, some are quicker to stop the habit some take a little longer. You could read about how long it will take to give up and how it might help your child. We have lots of happy customers who have written their own Google review for you to read and feel encouraged that Thumbsie® may work for you. There are lots of different fabrics to chose from, Ella chose Pandas but your child might like, sharks, foxes, horses, butterflies, flowers and many many more. Don’t forget that Thumbsie® can help with finger suckers too as we have fabric finger guards that cover the middle two fingers.

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