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Success Stories

Nothing else worked to help her stop thumb sucking!

It was coming up for Aurora’s 5th birthday and we really wanted to help her stop sucking her thumb. We had tried in the past to get her to stop sucking including different types of nail polish, nagging and even bribery – nothing else worked!

She had been sucking her thumb since she stopped breastfeeding at 9 months and at first it looked really cute!

Over time though, she began to suck her thumb more often during the day and night. If she was tired or watching TV it seemed like she was doing it all the time. We felt it was even more of an issue when she knocked her 2 front teeth loose and due to her thumb sucking, her teeth were moving forward overnight(!)

Once I found your Thumbsie website, I showed Aurora the designs you offer and she was happy to get involved and choose her own patterns. She was so excited when they arrived.

We had discussed with her that she would only start by wearing them at night as she already did well when she was at school. When it came to putting it on that night she was a bit apprehensive and we then realised that she ended up sucking the other thumb instead. Luckily we had bought more than one on your recommendation so we put a Thumbsie on both thumbs the next day.

Aurora began to find it hard to settle herself at night at first and was sleeping later than normal but she carried on with it and now 10 weeks later she decided she didn’t need to wear them at night anymore and we haven’t seen her suck her thumb for ages.

She is very proud of her achievement that she Stopped sucking her thumb. We are all so proud and it has been so nice to see her face again not hidden by her hand!

Thank you Thumbsie!

Well done Aurora what a great job, we are so pleased that Thumbsie® worked to help stop thumb sucking when nothing else did. Aurora chose Strawberry and White Flower Thumbsies® to help her stop thumb sucking, there are lots of great fabrics to choose from, why not get your child involved.

We would love to hear about any children that give up thumb and finger sucking so please write to us at What to read more success stories? Read about Natalie, who helps with a sprinkle of Unicorn Magic, Ella who stopped sucking her thumb in just one month, Josie stopped sucking both thumbs, Lewis who tried the nasty nail polish with no luck or Oliver who stopped with his Union Jack Thumbsie®.

We’ve lots more happy stories from parents whose children stopped thumb sucking.


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