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My son stopped thumb sucking in a month

Hi Jo

Thank you, my son stopped thumb sucking in a month thanks to Thumbsie® thumb guard.

“We were told by the dentist last year that his thumb sucking was affecting his teeth, and to give up if possible as his teeth and jaw would return to normal if he gave up before about 5yrs old. We had one evening where we put some yucky paint on his nail and it made us all completely miserable. After that we just tried to discourage him during the day without much success. On our following trip to the dentist, he said the same thing but this time Bramany really took it on board and wanted to stop sucking his thumb, so I said we would help him. After researching the options, the Thumbsie® thumb guards sounded like a really good idea, especially because it gave Bramany an opportunity to be involved in the process – he was excited to choose two different materials for his Thumbsies and enjoyed having his hand measured for it. We also had a thumb sucking reward chart for him to put a sticker on every morning after not sucking his thumb. And another incentive – a Bumblebee transformer as a reward! We decided to go the whole hog and wear it whenever he sucked his thumb – at night, in the car, in front of the TV and when he was tired. We were amazed and relieved when he fell asleep relatively quickly on the first night. He loved getting a sticker every morning too. After about a week I realised that he didn’t need to suck his thumb during the day, and occasionally he would say he wanted to but he would stick his thumb in his fist so he couldn’t and the feeling would pass. I think he possibly could have given up sooner at night but we kept going for a while just to make sure. With a little encouragement, Bramany decided he thought he could manage at night without his Thumbsie® thumb guard and he did just that!

Not only is his thumb looking better, but hopefully it will mean that his teeth will realign – we think his dentist will be very impressed! I would recommend the Thumbsie® thumb guard to anyone – we couldn’t have done it otherwise.

Once again thank you – and well done for creating such a fantastic product!
Now I’d better get onto buying Bumblebee!”


Fabric Thumb Guards

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Well done Bramany, you have done a fantastic job. Bramany chose Superhero and Union Jack Thumbsie® to help him stop thumb sucking, there are lots of great fabrics to choose from, why not get your child involved.  Don’t forget to visit the how to measure to get the Thumbsie® thumb guard fitting well so it can be worn day and night.

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Success Stories

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My 5 year old daughter loved wearing it and after 2 weeks had stopped sucking her thumb completely Alistair Trail Customer Reviews
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